Our Story

Fordham Lee Distillery

Located in Middletown Valley, a pristine (God’s Country) valley in Maryland, Fordham Lee Distillery was founded by friends of 50 years on the values of family, friendship and just having a good time. Our distillery is in honor of our founder’s sons, whose legacies are “A Spirit Worth Remembering.” The spirit of our existence is to honor our sons who have passed before their time. We age our Bourbons based on the time we were blessed with them.

Our Bourbons and cream-based Whiskeys are all grain to glass, utilizing the finest facilities and technology for distillation. We use no neutral grain spirits in any of our products and all grains are non-GMO, utilizing local farms. The original 10 gallon still from our bootlegger days sits proudly in our tasting room at the Fordham Lee Distillery.

Our products exemplify quality that keeps our sons’ memories in the thoughts and prayers of all that partake… The spirits of our loved ones are paramount to the employees at FLD and we are deeply honored when our customers enjoy and support our products.